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Center for Ethical Education in the Armed Forces

The Center of Ethical Education in the Armed Forces (Zentrum für Ethische Bildung in den Streitkräften, in short: zebis) was established in March 2010. As an institution for continuing ethical education, the center is formally attached to the Institute of Theology and Peace (ithf), located in Hamburg, Germany.

The center´s main focus is set on the continuing education concerning ethical issues. The pastoral care and staff teaching soldiers of the German Armed Forces on ethical topics are supported by the center trough a diverse offer of seminars and events targeting especially soldiers in leading positions who carry responsibility in the line of duty – home or abroad.

To ensure the quality of seminars and events, the center closely cooperates with institutions of the German Armed Forces (Deutsche Bundeswehr) such as the Armed Forces Staff College (Führungsakademie) and the Leadership Development and Civic Education Center (Zentrum Innere Führung).




Dr. Veronika Bock

Herrengraben 4

20459 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 - 67 08 59 – 51

Fax: +49 (0)40 - 67 08 59 – 30

E-Mail: info(at)zebis.eu

Internet: www.zebis.eu