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Peace begins in the mind!

“Peace begins in the mind“ is the guiding principle of the Catholic Peace Foundation. The Foundation’s objective is to provide the Institute of Theology and Peace with the means necessary to conduct its research on the ethics of peace.

Immanuel Kant put the essence of the challenge in a nutshell when he said: “Peace has to be brought about.“ Peace is not a part of the human anatomy like the hands or the heart are. Peace is acquired and must be protected by all means necessary – first and foremost, however, in a sensible manner. The work begins with the task of understanding the concept. If there can be no universal understanding of the term peace world-wide, then how are we to secure its position across cultural and religious divides?

The Catholic Peace Foundation needs people to enable work in the field of research, publication and teaching. We are living in an era in which commitment to the topics of the day is strong, and you benefit in that great attention is paid to Christian orientation, thoughtfulness and common sense A duty to peace is a gift for mankind and an acknowledgement of Christ. As creators of that peace, you will have an impact on Society, even over and beyond the confines of your own lifetime – just like the really great thinkers, whom we also refer to as the Wise.

Join the ranks of the Catholic Peace Foundation, and you, too, can become a peacemaker.

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